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My 100 Day Challenge – Month Three

Post date: June 2nd, 2013 by Jimmy Dragon

Well, Here is the Third and the final full month of my 100-Day Challenge to myself. So far it’s been a success! Most of the days have been spent doing some drawing every day. Here is the new calendar for the month of May with my progress…

Once again I have had a few days here where life just got in the way, but I kept pushing through. I did keep drawing when life decided to give me a few curve balls towards my way. Most of the days were because of work. I get home and my brain has just melted so much I just couldn’t function. But once again, I call this month a good month. There are more days of me drawing than missed ones.

Posting however has been slow in coming. That is because of the project that I am working on. The days where I have been drawing have been me planning and drawing my ideas for my comic that I’m working on. All I can say is, I think that project can be launched very soon. =)

I will try to do a finished drawing this week just so I can post something on the site here other than the silly sketches I’ve been posting. Anyway, hope things are well enough for you and I will see you later this week. My 100-day challenge is up this week on Saturday the 8th. We will see you then with something to celebrate with. =)


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