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Linda Standing Sketch

Post date: February 17th, 2015 by Jimmy Dragon

Programs and Mediums Used:

See, I have been doing some drawing. I have posed these two drawings at the same time because I was having technical Difficulties. Apparently my scanner decided to take a poop and stopped working properly. So after spending $100 on a new scanner I am now able to scan in images again and I can post up new pictures. So here is one of Linda standing. Yes, not much to say about this picture. Just a simple sketch so it’s in the Sketchbook with this one. I hope you enjoy. =)

Girl Headshot

Post date: February 17th, 2015 by Jimmy Dragon

Programs and Mediums Used:

Well, it’s been a while since I have done a drawing. and it’s been a while longer since I have posted two. I had some technical difficulties over the past few weeks. My scanner decided to take a poop and sort of stopped functioning properly. So with that said I had to go out and buy a new scanner. So now that I have a new one and I am $100 in the hole, I am able to scan in new pictures. So here is a girl headshot that I have stuck into the Sketchbook. Just a simple sketch, nothing more. I hope that you enjoy this picture. =)

You Should Be Drawing!

Post date: January 18th, 2015 by Jimmy Dragon

Programs and Mediums Used:

So I have noticed that this is my first posting in 2015 and what do I post? A motivational phrase of something that I should be doing other than playing games and waste time like I have been doing the past few months. So here is my phrase that I am telling myself… “I Should Be Drawing!” I have printed this up and it is now hanging over my drawing desk and staring me in the face when I come into the room. The next time I come in and I am looking to play a game on my computer, I will be thinking twice about that, at least I hope. =D

The picture you see here was done in Photoshop using a few random images that I have drawn up in the past. I mainly stuck to my CG artwork for the images you see here since this is a CG picture. I felt that it was best. Here is a link to a larger version of the images in case you like to get a better look at it. Anyway I had better get back now and get going on some drawing! =)

Site Updates…

Post date: December 22nd, 2014 by Jimmy Dragon

So not much to report here on Jimmy’s World. I just made a few site improvements.

First improvement: I disabled comments to the website. They were just not working for me and so I decided to completely get rid of them.
Second Improvement: I added a pre-loader to the top navigation to the site. I have noticed in the past that my navigation didn’t load properly when you enter the site. Well now it does. I just hope it is rendering well enough on your browser. It’s looking good on mine so I hope it works.

And finally but not really an update but something to note. For the past couple of weeks I was thinking it through in my small brain again about redoing my website. Well in the end I decided not to because I feel that this version is pretty perfect. I think I have decided that this version is the one that will stay. I played around with different designs and I even thought of getting rid of the WordPress thing all together. But in the end, I decided not to. The site is staying the way it is with the few edits that I have done.

Now it is off to work on some bigger and better things I hope. =)

Away for a While?

Post date: October 27th, 2014 by Jimmy Dragon

Wow, where has my time gone? I feel like I have wasted a lot of time in doing nothing. Well, I haven’t done much since I have made my move to Canada. I probably have three drawings to show since my move. Well that has to change now.

Time to get this small layer of dust off my drawing tablet and get these rusty fingers on mine moving again. So how am I going to do this? Will I implement a drawing challenge again? Well maybe not as extreme as my last 100-Day Challenge that I did to myself but I will do a challenge for sure. What challenge will I do I am not sure. Maybe I will just draw as much as I can right now. Just with me writing this entry I feel the urge to get going.

Well, Halloween is almost upon us. I think I will do a Halloween picture for the site. It has been a long time since I have done one for this holiday so I think I will do that.

But you ask what has been keeping me from drawing when I was doing so awesomely just last year with my 100-Day Challenge? The only thing I can say was I was working a part-time job in the past and lately I have been working full-time and sometimes with over-time added to the week. With those hours, I would get home and I am so tired that I just find myself sitting in front of the TV, zoned out or on the computer wasting my time on stupid games or usually, both!

Not anymore. I have to place in an hour of drawing time every night and I will now. I will draw what I can in that one hour. Weather it be a start or a continuation of an awesome piece of work or, a drawing that you will ask what was I thinking? So that is what I will do. I will do something. I need to now. =)