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Welcome to Jimmy’s World! I am your host of the website, Jimmy Dragon. I’m the dragon you see pictured here on the site. I’m here basically, to be your guide of this website that is created by Brian Aultz. He’s also the one who does all the artwork and signs his name to them. He wants me to walk you around here and show you all there is to show about his website. He has a lot of artwork and some comics that he wants to show, as well as other things he has worked on. Really, he just wants to show his work to the world, get recognized, and become a professional artist. Seriously? I tell you, that sounds crazy, right?

Well anyway, the menu on top of the page will guide you through the different sections of the site. The main page you see is probably all you will want to see. There is one piece that will be featured on the main page. Then there will be a small section for new pieces of art posted next to that. Underneath all that will be an update section or a single blog post that will tell you what is going on in Brian’s life. Believe me, that section is pretty boring. You don’t need to read that section. With all that said, enjoy the site and I will see you around. Where did I leave my controller? I have a game I want to get back to. =D

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New Website Redesign... Again...

Posting Date: June 05, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to another new and improved Jimmy’s World, Comics & Graphics. So yes, if you are a long time visitor here, you will notice right off the bat that this is a new design of Jimmy’s World. And if you’re new to the site, this is a new site design for me. =)


So there are a lot of changes that you can see. And there are some new changes that you cannot see too. So first off of the changes you cannot see is that WordPress is gone. I am no longer using that software. I am just using basic HTML and CSS pages here. You’re probably wondering why I made the change? As crazy as it is, I feel it’s easier for me to update the site like this than using WordPress. Plus I think WordPress was messing up my Google rating and was causing me to fall off the ranks. So overall, I decided to ditch it.

For the changes you can see, well you can now see them for yourself. The Artwork section has larger thumbnails that you can see. I have a lot of graphical elements that are changed all over the site. Plus, my biggest change is that the site is a little better designed for mobile devices with larger text so you can read it on your phone and other devices.

Overall, I feel that I have made the site slicker and it seems to better load up too. I think the major stuff is all done here. It’s still a work in progress here but for the most part, I think this site is ready for a release. So please have a look through the site, and if you notice something wrong, please do not hesitate to contact me and tell me my site is not rendering right and I will get on that.

Anyway, enjoy your stay here at the new and improved website and hope that you come back real soon. Be sure to check out my social media box on the top of the page to go to those sites and please follow me there too. More artwork is available there to see there. Thank you much for your support and hope to see you around again soon. =)