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Away for a While?

Post date: October 27th, 2014 by Jimmy Dragon

Wow, where has my time gone? I feel like I have wasted a lot of time in doing nothing. Well, I haven’t done much since I have made my move to Canada. I probably have three drawings to show since my move. Well that has to change now.

Time to get this small layer of dust off my drawing tablet and get these rusty fingers on mine moving again. So how am I going to do this? Will I implement a drawing challenge again? Well maybe not as extreme as my last 100-Day Challenge that I did to myself but I will do a challenge for sure. What challenge will I do I am not sure. Maybe I will just draw as much as I can right now. Just with me writing this entry I feel the urge to get going.

Well, Halloween is almost upon us. I think I will do a Halloween picture for the site. It has been a long time since I have done one for this holiday so I think I will do that.

But you ask what has been keeping me from drawing when I was doing so awesomely just last year with my 100-Day Challenge? The only thing I can say was I was working a part-time job in the past and lately I have been working full-time and sometimes with over-time added to the week. With those hours, I would get home and I am so tired that I just find myself sitting in front of the TV, zoned out or on the computer wasting my time on stupid games or usually, both!

Not anymore. I have to place in an hour of drawing time every night and I will now. I will draw what I can in that one hour. Weather it be a start or a continuation of an awesome piece of work or, a drawing that you will ask what was I thinking? So that is what I will do. I will do something. I need to now. =)

Linda on Park Bench

Post date: September 15th, 2014 by Jimmy Dragon

Programs and Mediums Used:
Ballpoint Pen

I come once again and I bring you some new art! Here is one I call “Linda on Park Bench.” This time I decided to just do it as a pen and ink sketch and this time I broke out the ballpoint pen to do this one. I really do like how a ballpoint pen does the shading on this one. I just like that you can shade with a ballpoint pen. I find it a really nice medium to work with and it gives it a very nice style to it. Wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, hope that you enjoy it. =)


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Linda Headshot

Post date: July 30th, 2014 by Jimmy Dragon

Programs and Mediums Used:

Another headshot? Yes I did another head shot of a character who I have adopted named Linda. You may have seen her in the past with older drawings that I have done on the site. Am I getting tired of doing drawings like this? Yes I am but when I do draw and my mind is usually a blank slate when the mood hits me, well you get a drawing like this. I am getting into the mood more often again these days. In other words, I do have some ideas’ in my head. I just have to sit down and start doing them. Well in the meantime, enjoy my drawing here and I hope to see you soon with another one. =)

Jessie is Happy

Post date: June 10th, 2014 by Jimmy Dragon

Programs and Mediums Used:

Well it has been a long time again but I come with new artwork to show. So lately I have been in a slump but right now I am trying to get myself out of it. So here is Jessie and she is looking happy and it looks like she is at the park maybe? not to sure but I called it what I called it because she looks happy. So here is a nice pencil sketch for you to enjoy so please comment and I will see you soon with another drawing. =)

Another Ella Headshot

Post date: March 11th, 2014 by Jimmy Dragon

Programs and Mediums Used:

Hello again and I have new artwork to show finally. Yes it has been a long time since I have posted on the site, so here is a drawing that I did the other night. Yes it is another drawing of Ella Linsdack and it is yet another head shot of her. I keep on doing this kind of drawing of her, don’t I? I really need to get myself into doing something different. Well I will try my best in getting there. There is other things going on in my life that I need to do here before I start doing some more advanced drawings agin like learning a new program and sorts. I will explain that later in a journal entry at a later date. Till then, enjoy Ella’s company here. =)

Hello? Anyone Still There?

Post date: February 23rd, 2014 by Jimmy Dragon

Hi everyone, long time no hear from your fearless leader. I have to apologies for my appearance on the website. Life has been a bit lazy and busy for me. Okay mostly lazy so I’m sorry to say that. I hope to be changing things around. In my last posting I mentioned that I have moved to Canada. Well I am glad to say that I am still here and Canadian life has treated me well enough. As for finding work here, it was pretty easy. Third day on my search and I found work pretty fast. Working full time again so that makes things at home to do stuff a challenge. Married life can be a challenge as well so being able to sit down and draw can be hard. however not impossible. This is where my laziness gets in the way. When I come home from work, I usually plop myself in front of the TV or the computer and start playing games. Sorry but me playing a few games before bed is not the best excuse for me but it’s what I’ve been doing. Yeah pretty lazy so sorry, no helping Captain scientists pirates looking to rid the world of Miracle Whip (My wife and family likes the stuff but I like good old mayonnaise! =D ).

So once again, sorry that there hasn’t been anything to update the site with except this silly posting. I will however tell you that I am not dying nor dead yet. I am getting better and I will try to have something to update the site soon. Don’t have much of a time table on when that soon will be but it will be soon. I just need to dust off my drawing pencils and get back into the swing of things. Okay everyone, I will talk with you again soon… if anyone is still out there that is… =)

Website is Up and Running

Post date: August 16th, 2013 by Jimmy Dragon

If you have come here in the past, you might have noticed that the website was down. I have been working on a way to get the site running again and now it is! It;s on a new server and I hope I made the right choice so I can have this site up and running for you all to continue to see my lovely artwork. Well I hope you enjoy the site! =)

Starting A New Chapter In Life

Post date: June 27th, 2013 by Jimmy Dragon

There comes a time in everyone’s life where one door closes and another one opens. At this time, it’s happening to me. One door has closed but the big door that has been closed to me for so many ages I cannot remember how long has finally opened. Right now I am running towards it and jumping in headfirst! My paperwork for moving to Canada has finally come in! =D

For those of you who have been following me for a while now will know that I married a Canadian a year and a half ago. So since then, I have been trying to get myself over there to be with my wife. Now that opportunity has finally happened and I will be moving there in a couple of weeks.

What will that happen to me with posting artwork on the site? Well, right now I am looking at a short delay. I have things packed and ready to go and that includes most of my drawing stuff and computer stuff. My computer it self will be the final thing I am unplugging on the day I move. lol!!! So I won’t be offline for to long and I will have internet access for the month but posting artwork will be delayed for at least a little over two weeks but hopefully no longer than a month. I will continue to draw and I will just have to post them at a later time.

Anyway, that is what is happening in my world so I hope that with this new move from the United States to Canada will be a good move where I hope that the pastures are greener with opportunities for myself to improve and to better myself. Hope things are all well with you too. Take care and will see you soon I hope! =D

Gee Peeks

Post date: June 16th, 2013 by Jimmy Dragon

Programs and Mediums Used:
Pen & Ink, and Photoshop

Here is Gee looking to take a peek at something on the table. Is it an apple? Maybe it’s a cherry? He loves cherries. Maybe it’s a Peanut Butter Cup? Those are his favorites! Oh what is a Gee you ask?

In my comic a Gee is a magical creature created for the purpose of protecting magic users. Created by mages so many thousands of years ago, the mages place an enchantment on these small three-inch dragons to be time bombs pretty much. They may be cute to look at but pull off the pink bow on the little hair of their head and they become a 14 to 17 foot monster capable of destroying anything in it’s path for a matter of a few seconds. The bow then magically reappears on their head and they go back to being the cute harmless creature that you see. They cannot pull off the bows themselves. It’s the only drawback the Gees feel they have.

Oh the Gee found a Peanut Butter Cup! =D

Romancing Dragon Page #2

Post date: June 12th, 2013 by Jimmy Dragon

Programs and Mediums Used:
Pen & Ink and Photoshop

Here is page two of my graphic novel, Romancing Dragon! Here you see Lyle waking up for the first time for the day. In a lot of ways, this is a lot like me trying to wake up to go to work. I would rather be drawing than going to work. This way I can get more drawing done. =)

Anyway, so here is a finished page for my comic. I think this will be the last page of my comic I will post over here. I am going to have a website called where you can read the comic. It should be up soon. That will be my next project that I will do. Hope you enjoyed the preview to my comic! Be sure to follow my progress real soon! =)