Welcome to A New Jimmy’s World

Welcome to a new Jimmy’s World. Your wondering where have I been? Well I’ve been thinking about a lot of things when it came to my artwork and where I am at with things in my life. Well I feel that I think I have come to a point in things where I am going to start over and just do things  in a simple fashion.

First off, the website is being used with WordPress and I decided not to make a fancy theme. I am using the basic theme that comes with WordPress. I just added my own graphics and just decided to do things simple like. Nothing special here.

Why am I doing things simple? well it’s getting to the point now where I just want to concentrate on my artwork. I am not doing any fancy gallery here. I am just focusing on my new artwork. This is going to be my only worded posting here and the rest are going to be artwork only. This post will get buried with all the others. From this point on, will be my latest piece of art and nothing more. I am just starting over and going on from here. I have no social media sites except my DeviantArt site that I have. I am only trying this site on for size and just seeing if I like this.

Well that is all I want to say here. Guess I will see you soon with some new artwork to show off. We’ll see you all later. ?