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Jimmy Draws #03 Random Drawings

Post date: October 15th, 2015 by Jimmy Dragon

So I decided to do a new video of some drawing that I decided to do. This time however, I just didn’t know what to draw. I am trying to get out of this drawing funk that I have gotten myself into so I hope that doing tis video and this posting will get me out of this drawing funk and get me to do some real drawing soon. At least that is what I am hoping for. Well on a comical note, my light build burns out in the video. =)

Sailor Scythe

Post date: September 12th, 2015 by Jimmy Dragon

Programs and Mediums Used:
Pen & Ink

I come with more artwork! And what is this? Is this an ink drawing from me? Does this mean that I am going to be doing some future CG drawing soon? That is a maybe. Right now I am just giving my fingers a workout by doing an ink drawing.

So here is my new drawing called Sailor Scythe. Why that name? Well, I decided to do this drawing when I saw a posting on Deviant Art from an account called SenshiStock. She has hundreds of pose reference pictures that artists can use for reference, so this case I decided to use one of her pictures posted here. She happens to use a lot of Sailor Moon references throughout her page there so I decided to do something like a Sailor Scout and gave her a pretty cool looking scythe. So that is her name, Sailor Scythe. =)

Overall I think it came out pretty well. I haven’t picked up my ink pens in a while so it was nice to see they haven’t dried out yet, Hehehe. My biggest issue in drawing this was getting this pose down. It was a bit harder to do that I thought. Tried three times to get things right. The hips were the toughest of it all. But all in all, I think I did pretty well with this drawing. =D

Mink from Dragon Half

Post date: August 22nd, 2015 by Jimmy Dragon

Programs and Mediums Used:

I come bearing New artwork along with a video with this one too. Well here is Mink from an OVA Anime from the past called Dragon Half. This is what I consider old school anime at it’s best and wackiness that is over the top. I have loved this anime and now, after all these years, I decided to do some fan art for it. Well here is the Wonderfull artwork and I also hope you enjoy the nice video I have done of me drawing the artwork. For people who have seen this anime, the music you hear during my video is the music from the opening theme from the anime itself in orchestra form from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra led by Carlos Kleiber by Beethoven and from his Symphony #7. I have always enjoyed this music and I hope you do as well. =)

First Recording Of My Drawing

Post date: August 9th, 2015 by Jimmy Dragon

I decided to try and record my process of my drawing at my drawing table. I think that this video was a success. So I decided to post it up at my Youtube Channel (Bet you didn’t know I had a YouTube channel). So basically I have found a way to mount my phone up on my lamp on my drawing table with a bent coat hanger. I bent it using that and a pair of pliers and it was very well secured on that. I even impressed myself with the work I did to get it to work. Anyway, I can now record my drawing process so expect to see more videos in the future! =D

Jason’s Happy Day

Post date: July 31st, 2015 by Jimmy Dragon

Programs and Mediums Used:

Heading back in time and doing some old school drawing. This is an old character named Jason that a friend on mine and myself created. Back in the day this character was something else. Let’s just say that he is a very unlucky guy who is annoying and apparently immortal. The amount of times he was shot, thrown off a building, sent down a river, blasted to space, and whatever else we could think of for this guy to die, and he just kept coming back to annoy the heck out of you. Well right now I am resurrecting him once again and here he is in all his annoying grandeur!